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Heal Yourself 2. Ovaries (BLOG)

Light circuit from ovaries 

Dear men, even though this technique is for women, I have mentioned things in this post which might interest you regarding energy work. Otherwise, feel free to read: Mantak Chia: The Multiorgasmic Man 


If you have read the first part of this series, you know that I am going to run, again, healing energy across your body - namely along the central meridian, from your tailbone up the spine, and down along the middle line of your front body. 

I would like to point out that you can us this techniques in a calm state, you do not need to get aroused for the energy to work. :-) 


This time, however, it is not going to be the energy from the gravity center of our body, from the energy point Tan Tien, Today, we are going to use our attention to warm up our ovaries where, according to ancient traditions, if I am not mistaken, the kundalini sexual energy resides. We are going to circulate it gently and in a disciplined manner for nourishing, soothing, empowering and healing, which we, women, need so much. If you are longing for better orgasms, read the book Mantak Chia: The Multiorgasmic Woman. 


In the first part, I described a simple way of sending energy. As soon as we have warmed up Tan Tien - during a few seconds or minutes - by our attention and visualisation into the form of a small, shining orange charged with energy, or a little orange sun, a juice started flowing out of it down towards the tailbone. After it has risen up to the crown of the head, pushed purely by our imagination and intention, then it flew down along the middle front part of our body. 


Similarly, we are going take a few minutes (at least half a minute if you are beginners and have not attended a magic school) for warming and lighting up our ovaries until they turn into small orange suns or warmly glowing tangerines. :-). 


After a while, a healing, strongly nourishing juice begins flowing out of the energy-charged tangerine suns. Again, you may let it run towards the tailbone, where it starts rising along the spine. Mantak Chia, who is more traditional and as a maseur he works more with the body as such, recommends us to help ourselves by contracting the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor work also occurs in Mohendzodaro Tantra Yoga for women, and Da Ben (channeled by Duane Packer) even uses it to activate the light body. So pump at the vaginal entrance, just softly. 


As soon as the warming, glowing, nourishing and healing tangerine juice has risen from the tailbone along the spine and neck to the top of our head, imagine it sneak inside for a while where it makes a few circles. Thus, it nourishes our brain and important glands with internal secretion that direct our hormonal system from there. You may probably circle in any direction. Jan Cindler teaches a similar technique of circling named the frontooccipital circuit (FC) where he recommends that women should turn rightward, and men leftwards. Personally, I make circles in both directions for balance's sake. :-) 


And soon as we have given energy and nourishment to the whole head (I have forgotten to add that there is no limit to your phantasy, and you can expand the circles to your eyes for improving eyesight, to your nasal cavities, teeth, etc.), the still warm tangerine juice is flowing down our chest where we can again make a couple of circles in any direction. In my practice, the intention to bring nourishment and affection to your heart, breasts, lungs, is more important than the precision of the technique. And finally, make a few circles in the belly, nearby your still glowing tangerine ovaries. 


For Mantak Chia, the belly plays a vital part for women as the abdomen (including the second and third chakra) are closely related to the emotional body, and with interpersonal relationships (partnerships plus creativity). And you know for sure that women tend to be more sensitive than men, which means they need to be even more consistent with maintaining their own emotional health and balance. Charging your belly with your own nourishing, healing, strengthening sexual energy (after you have taken it along the full circle, it has "gained wisdom" in the head and "charged itself with love" in the heart), may bring miracles. 


In our exercises, we only visualise the warmth although some might really feel it. However, this heat has its deeper meaning indeed. As I once observed a female friend pointing a burning moksa (a herbal cigar for therapeutic purposes) at her lower abdomen, I had the idea to try the same with a bioptron lamp (I tried moksa too - the common one as well as the wormwood type - but it kept going out quite often). My menstrual cramps left within 10 minutes and did not return that day. 


What could it be like, dear women, if we charged our belly with our own warming tangerine juice preventively for the whole month, maybe every other day... Including the pelvic pumping which strengthens the muscles and earthens us mentally as well... Might it not be a way towards balanced, strong, new age women, possible even without pain during childbirth? Once I read a story (I don't know how real or fictious it was) that in a indigenous village women experienced painfree deliveries because they were highly respected by men there. By the time we receive our men's respect to such an extent that it might eliminate our pain, try this circuit at least - respect yourselves, it might be enough for the start, it is healing anyway. Test it and let me know! :-) 


A final note: The significance of linking your heart and belly, especially in women, is frequently highlighted in channelings at jeshua.net (Mary Magdalen, Earth). And a tantric massage for women, actually tantra in general (tantra means unity), is predominantly healing and cathartic in nature at first (according to my own experience). The past 13,000 years of male dominance on this planet, have caused the accumulation of traumas in our body, which burden our female energy as well as the respective organs. (The period might come from Drunvalo Melchizedeka's books, and the Mayan Calendar which claim that 13,000-year cycles alternate on Earth, each of them having different topic and setting.) I am also able to help you in many ways as part of my healing light therapy with card reading which I offer. :-) 

© Sona Siepakova

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