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Heal Yourself 4. SoulBlend (BLOG)

Light circuit from your heart

after blending with your soul



Both light schools which I am acquainted with, i.e. the Pleiadian Lightwork or Orin and Da Ben (Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer), recommend working with your own soul, with your higher self, the divine self, or even the christed self. The latter might be the most enlightened one, but the divine self sound cool too, doesn't it? :-) Choose your name as you feel it. 


Jasmuheen works with the divine self too, it is the source of cosmic prana for her. The cosmic prana coming from your divine self is more reliable than the various types of Earth's prana sources, such as sunlight or prana from nature and the proximity of water streams. Occasionally, the sun does not shine, and the nature may be polluted. So, be careful not to end up hungry. :-) 


This might already be something slightly different (or not). Nevertheless, our DNA (in the nucleus of every cell) is, according to Kryon, the repository of our Akashic records. DNA, as far as I understand it, generates an electro-magnetic field where all the data is stored, synchronised with the planetary grid, and other databases (the universe backs up in a multiple and multi-tier manner as any clever computing expert). The human DNA contains 23 complete pairs of chromosomes (monkeys possess 24 chromosomes), whereas the last one, which has seemed strange to scientist until recently, represents the actual gate to our multi-dimensionality for Kryon. When fully activated as Kryon describes in his books and shows (see kryon.com), we become multidimensional beings. And since our soul is multi-dimensional, I feel this is all very similar to what the above mentioned authors talk about, esoterically, as the blending with your soul. Well, no matter how the integration of our higher aspect (soul, divine or higher self) with our everyday personality is depicted, the result should be immensely beneficial to us. We are going to become a sort of harmonious super-human. 


Let us get practical. You can imagine your soul as you wish: 
a benevolent field of light in front of you, approaching you and then blending with you (you might also sit next down to each other on a bench, whereas your vibrations are rising in the presence of your higher self, until you blend naturally as equals) 
a gigantic ball of light above your head which you could pull down over your head and body like a sock until you finish in front of the ball (it contains your feet as well as head, you should be able to spread out your arms like the Vitruvian man painted by Leonardo da Vinci) 
a huge log fire from a cool blue flame which can harbour all of you, penetrating all your cells, filling them with light, thus raising your vibration to become united 
or... an enormously high, kind being, which, for example, appeared to me during one regression therapy - my subcionsciousness showed me my higher self as a string bean with its head in the clouds. :-) 


If you are blended with your soul, a never-ending scope of options open to you. :-) Should you wish to experience any of those - adjusted to your current - with my energy support, I will be delighted to be your guide during the healing light therapy which I offer at this website.

Due to the topic of this series, I will only deal with the light circuit, which might, however, be perceived as a field of light as well in this respect. As a matter of fact, our soul is going to spread throughout our being, on all levels. 


As for the circuit, let us start by focusing on the heart. It is going to be the point of contact that connects you to the energy of your soul. The heart is a door to the universe, to our multi-dimensionality, for Jasmuheen who draws prana through the heart to nourish all of her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 



Institut HeartMath which studies anything related to the heart (and produces fascinating programmes and devices, among others for hyperactive children, or war veterans and firefighters who have seen the worst horrors) has found that there is also a brain in the heart, superior to the one in the head.

One study revealed (see HeartMath videos and newsletter, or anything by Gregg Braden who has worked with them for a long time) that people who were being shown random pictures of human faces with different emotions (anger, pity etc.) had begun experiencing those felings, or their bodies had started being stressed from them, already a few seconds before the computer displayed the randomly generated picture.

Not even the scientists themselves knew which picture the computer was going to show. So how could have the studied person? HeartMath reached the conclusion that the heart is connected to the information field around us. As a modem linked to the cosmic internet. It is the same information field, for instance, which provides navigation for birds flying southwards... Jasmuheen also uses the comparison computer (me) and the central computer (God).


And I add that when our heart is already so amazing under normal circumstances, what a cutting-edge rocket (or UFO) it might become when blending with our high-vibration, multi-dimensional soul? Let us try the light circuit similar to the one with Tan Tien (Part 1 of this series) or to the sun above the head (Part 3).

Simply, a stream of loving light begins to flow out from your heart, connected to your soul and thus to the whole universe. It could run along the central meridian at your front side down to the tailbone, and then up the spine over the head back to the heart. Or it might immediately rise from your heart (at the back) to the head, then continue down the middle of your front side, lifting back up to your shoulderblades. 


At first, blending with your soul might last a few minutes or hours, it does not tend to be permanent for beginners. Extending the blend-time requires you to call your soul to you on a regular basis (feel free to do that more times a day) and, at the same time, you should keep raising your vibrations as much as possible (adjusting your lifestyle) to eliminate, gradually, the difference in vibrations between you. The state of permanent blending with your soul is called "enlightenment". :-) I believe that these days, after 2012, some of us might be able to reach that state in this embodiment. And I will be delighted to support you in that as much as I am able to. :-)

© Sona Siepakova

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Heal Yourself 3. The Sun (BLOG)

Light circuit from the sun
above your head



However, the sun which we are going to use in this technique is going to be approximately 30-50 cm above your head. What exactly is that? There might be various explanations. Firtly, it could be your eighth chakra located at the edge of your aura where it meets the external world. 


This chakra is also used by Ernesto Ortiz as the point of contact between the higher dimensions and our "self". His book, The Akashic Records ~ Sacred Wisdom for Transformation, says that Higher Light Masters come down to this chakra who then help the individual read their Akashic records or talk to them. This means they do not enter your aura uninvited which is similarly unwelcome in our relationships with partners, parents etc. :-) There are better ways of making your communication more efficient when it is difficult to express in words, and that is overlapping (see Amorah Quan Yin) or blending (see Sanaya Roman) your energy fields. I might write about it in another post. 


The option I use (based on Amorah Quan Yin's Pleiadian Lightwork, or Sanaya Roman / Orin and Duane Packer / Da Ben), is simply visualising a sun above my head... What I assign to that symbol is more essential to me. Thus, this symbol represents a source of high-vibration, healing light that is benevolent, intelligent, sent with love directly by God/Goddess. 


We are going to utilise two basic techniques with the sun above your head (there are innumerable other options). The first easy image is a shower of light which is cleansing, healing, harmonising us, and maybe even nourishing by prana. We may shower the outside of our body, all over the aura, or add all of our cells, organs as well - it is just up to your fantasy. Jasmuheen recommends take this shower together with your real shower every day. Basically, you can imagine that water is coming out of the shower head together with the healing light. In this case, it does not have to be directly above your head if your shower is hand-held. :-) 


Again, I would like to remind you that whenever we introduce any self-healing techniques as habits into our already automated activities, we build foundations of unbeatable health and longevity. :-) According to many psychologists (e.g. from ted.com) or dieting experts (Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.), automation is the key to increasing our efficiency in anything (including manufacturing). Try to compare how much energy it takes you to clean your teeth compared to doing your homework. How many times have you even forgotten whether you had already used the toilet that morning when you were pondering what snack to give your children to school? 


The second, a little more time-consuming alternative with a deeper effect (according to Amorah Quan Yin's Pleiadian Lightwork), is the light circuit from the sun above your head, flowing down to the crown of your head. Afterwards, the light current (you might enjoy my comparison to a warmed-up, light-filled banana juice or another yellowish drink) runs down the back of your head to the neck, along the spine to the tailbone. ATTENTION, in contrast to the first and second part of this series, we are going to lift this light stream at the tailbone up along the inner side of the spine. You may take it through the middle of the body (a bit closer to the backbone) upwards as if in a lift, up to the neck, and over the head back to the sun. The above mentioned book (Part 1) will explain many other features you could add to this technique. 


You can find the sun above your head, as a source of high-vibrating healing energy, even in the book Soul Love by Sanaya Roman (channelling Orin). Here, the sun helps activate, gradually, the heart centre in your head, then in the stomach = solar plexus, and finally the one located around your physical heart. This technique with beautiful effects on interpersonal relationships is described in detail in the above mentioned book. Or you may try it with my energy support, including the numerous variations adjusted to your needs, as part of the healing light therapy I offer. :-)

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Heal Yourself 2. Ovaries (BLOG)

Light circuit from ovaries 

Dear men, even though this technique is for women, I have mentioned things in this post which might interest you regarding energy work. Otherwise, feel free to read: Mantak Chia: The Multiorgasmic Man 


If you have read the first part of this series, you know that I am going to run, again, healing energy across your body - namely along the central meridian, from your tailbone up the spine, and down along the middle line of your front body. 

I would like to point out that you can us this techniques in a calm state, you do not need to get aroused for the energy to work. :-) 


This time, however, it is not going to be the energy from the gravity center of our body, from the energy point Tan Tien, Today, we are going to use our attention to warm up our ovaries where, according to ancient traditions, if I am not mistaken, the kundalini sexual energy resides. We are going to circulate it gently and in a disciplined manner for nourishing, soothing, empowering and healing, which we, women, need so much. If you are longing for better orgasms, read the book Mantak Chia: The Multiorgasmic Woman. 


In the first part, I described a simple way of sending energy. As soon as we have warmed up Tan Tien - during a few seconds or minutes - by our attention and visualisation into the form of a small, shining orange charged with energy, or a little orange sun, a juice started flowing out of it down towards the tailbone. After it has risen up to the crown of the head, pushed purely by our imagination and intention, then it flew down along the middle front part of our body. 


Similarly, we are going take a few minutes (at least half a minute if you are beginners and have not attended a magic school) for warming and lighting up our ovaries until they turn into small orange suns or warmly glowing tangerines. :-). 


After a while, a healing, strongly nourishing juice begins flowing out of the energy-charged tangerine suns. Again, you may let it run towards the tailbone, where it starts rising along the spine. Mantak Chia, who is more traditional and as a maseur he works more with the body as such, recommends us to help ourselves by contracting the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor work also occurs in Mohendzodaro Tantra Yoga for women, and Da Ben (channeled by Duane Packer) even uses it to activate the light body. So pump at the vaginal entrance, just softly. 


As soon as the warming, glowing, nourishing and healing tangerine juice has risen from the tailbone along the spine and neck to the top of our head, imagine it sneak inside for a while where it makes a few circles. Thus, it nourishes our brain and important glands with internal secretion that direct our hormonal system from there. You may probably circle in any direction. Jan Cindler teaches a similar technique of circling named the frontooccipital circuit (FC) where he recommends that women should turn rightward, and men leftwards. Personally, I make circles in both directions for balance's sake. :-) 


And soon as we have given energy and nourishment to the whole head (I have forgotten to add that there is no limit to your phantasy, and you can expand the circles to your eyes for improving eyesight, to your nasal cavities, teeth, etc.), the still warm tangerine juice is flowing down our chest where we can again make a couple of circles in any direction. In my practice, the intention to bring nourishment and affection to your heart, breasts, lungs, is more important than the precision of the technique. And finally, make a few circles in the belly, nearby your still glowing tangerine ovaries. 


For Mantak Chia, the belly plays a vital part for women as the abdomen (including the second and third chakra) are closely related to the emotional body, and with interpersonal relationships (partnerships plus creativity). And you know for sure that women tend to be more sensitive than men, which means they need to be even more consistent with maintaining their own emotional health and balance. Charging your belly with your own nourishing, healing, strengthening sexual energy (after you have taken it along the full circle, it has "gained wisdom" in the head and "charged itself with love" in the heart), may bring miracles. 


In our exercises, we only visualise the warmth although some might really feel it. However, this heat has its deeper meaning indeed. As I once observed a female friend pointing a burning moksa (a herbal cigar for therapeutic purposes) at her lower abdomen, I had the idea to try the same with a bioptron lamp (I tried moksa too - the common one as well as the wormwood type - but it kept going out quite often). My menstrual cramps left within 10 minutes and did not return that day. 


What could it be like, dear women, if we charged our belly with our own warming tangerine juice preventively for the whole month, maybe every other day... Including the pelvic pumping which strengthens the muscles and earthens us mentally as well... Might it not be a way towards balanced, strong, new age women, possible even without pain during childbirth? Once I read a story (I don't know how real or fictious it was) that in a indigenous village women experienced painfree deliveries because they were highly respected by men there. By the time we receive our men's respect to such an extent that it might eliminate our pain, try this circuit at least - respect yourselves, it might be enough for the start, it is healing anyway. Test it and let me know! :-) 


A final note: The significance of linking your heart and belly, especially in women, is frequently highlighted in channelings at jeshua.net (Mary Magdalen, Earth). And a tantric massage for women, actually tantra in general (tantra means unity), is predominantly healing and cathartic in nature at first (according to my own experience). The past 13,000 years of male dominance on this planet, have caused the accumulation of traumas in our body, which burden our female energy as well as the respective organs. (The period might come from Drunvalo Melchizedeka's books, and the Mayan Calendar which claim that 13,000-year cycles alternate on Earth, each of them having different topic and setting.) I am also able to help you in many ways as part of my healing light therapy with card reading which I offer. :-) 

© Sona Siepakova

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Heal Yourself 1. TanTien (BLOG)

Light Circuit from Tan Tien



  • He just talks but does nothing (Does he lack courage? - The topic of the 1st chakra)
  • She has her head in the clouds (Does she lack power, stamina? - The topic of the 3rd chakra)
  • She keeps giving but nobody gives back to her (The topic of the 2nd and 4th chakra)


And this means the smooth flow of blood, lymph, neural impulses, or energy evenly all over our body. Without blockages, bottlenecks, accumulation of energy at wrong places, etc.

Regarding emotions, they should also flow harmoniously. I.e. without long-term supression of our own wishes and the subsequent explosions. Without extreme reactions, without anxiety, without giving our decision-making power away to others, without power games, etc.


When everything flows correctly, we are able to create. We possess courage and physical strength (1st chakra), creative ideas and nurturing for them (2nd chakra), we manage to find space in our reality for what we desire (3rd chakra), we feel love to ourselves and know that we deserve to live well and it is all right to make mistakes (4th chakra), we can communicate all what is necessary (5th chakra), we have visions how to proceed so that it is for the highest good of all (6th chakra), and we let ourselves be inspired by our soul, we open to support from higher powers (7th chakra).


In this four part series Heal Yourself, I offer you four techinques from various authors. They are all variations to the basic circuit, the so called central meridian according to the Chinese medicine. I name it the "light circuit" here as I enjoy working with the "light". The term itself namely gives the impression of higher vibrations and goodness. Should you prefer something else, feel free to use - while working with this central circuit - "healing energy", "angelic energy", "reiki"... Simply do, what makes you feel good as Abraham says (channeled by Ester Hicks).
To prevent this post from being never-ending, let's come to the point, and I will present the remaining context in the following parts of this series. :-) 


As you can see in the picture above, the source of the energy (light, healing energy, power for the immune system) is Tan Tien, which is a name for the point as big as a small orange (please connect it right now with orange colour and pleasant warmth) in the middle of your belly, at the level about 2-5 cm below your navel. In my opinion (a laywoman's estimate), it is the level of the 2nd chakra which we are going to work with more in the following part


And just for your information, the following technique comes from Deborah King's book Be Your Own Shaman. I have modified it a little (using terms like a warm orange and juice, river, because it makes it easier for me to imagine it, it might help you too, perhaps...).

However, I heard about Tan Tien even before in the course of tantra masage. And definitely, people practicing Tai Chi or Chi Kung know more about it. These exercise styles include the charging of Tan Tien with energy.


A note: In traditional (Eastern) teachings on this cycle, especially those associated with prana nourishment (this information comes from Jasmuheen's book Pranic Nourishment, she does not promote it, she only mentions it), a special loop via the soft palate is used while the "juice" flows down the head, when you are supposed to place the tip of your tongue as far back to the throat as possible. I assume, based on my experience, that the love energy is much more intelligent than me and it might suffice to tell it to run down over the face, to the neck and to continue downwards... 


When you imagine this point, it needn't be warm, of course. It is going to heat up by our attention. I once sa a group of Czechs on youtube bending spoons. How is it possible? They kept sending their focused, group intention and their attention to the spoons (each holding their own one) until the spoons heated up and softened so much it was easy to bend them. Our focused attention can warm things up, so we are going to make our Tan Tien warmer using our attention, and we will add the visual image of it getting hotter in order to accelerate this process. (In the same way, you can proceed with any self-healing, I am going to write about it next time.)


As soon as our orange has got hot, and in our vision it is charged with energy, warm, healing orange juice starts flowing down from it to the 1st chakra, to the pelvis, in the direction of your tailbone. From there, the juice is going to rise up along the spine and rear side of the skull to the top of your head. Eventually, it is going to flow down, as a slow, thick current along the middle line of our front part. Let it cirtulate in this circuit several times, you do not need to return it to Tan Tien. What has run down along the front part of your body, simply continues to your pelvis, the tailbone, and up the spine again. 


This is a basic technique with plenty of variations which I am going to mention in subsequent posts. Try to do this visualisation at least for two minutes (or longer). Abraham (channelled by Ester Hicks) claims that in order for our visions to materialise, we need to stay fully focused on them for at least 70 seconds (or a similar number slightly over 1 minute).


This is a clensing and healing technique. I would suggest connecting it to every visit to the toilet. As soon as you raise the toilet lid (or seat) and immediately you recall your heated orange, and within seconds, warming, healing juice is going to start streaming. Just in the opposite direction. :-) If you automate it, create a habit, you can easily, continuously maintain yourself in the flow and inner cleanliness like you clean your teeth.

And should you prefer my assistance with doing this for the first time, I will be happy to help you during a lightwork session which I offer. 

© Sona Siepakova

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Chapter 5. The School (FANTASY NOVEL)

With Froggy By The Lake

A sample from Chapter 5
Loved By The Sun: The School (Part 2)
A book by Sona Siepakova


Again, Froggy laughed derisively at the idea that he, wandering monk, could go and sell stolen blackberry at the market. Obviously, the girl does not have a clue who I am. He thought, unaware of the fact that Meritaton was able to read people's minds. 

The girl was in two minds whether to stay or move away. She felt offended. But this Lama was so unusual and fascinating that she was somehow unable to leave. So are you going to make that whistle for me? She reminded him, pointing at the twig Froggy was holding in his hand. 

Yes, of course. And got down to work. Tapping, knocking, peeling off a bit here and there... Meanwhile, it struck him that... 

And you, do you do anything useful that you are so clever to employ anybody straight away? 

Meritaton was taken by surprise. Now and then, I help the administrator and gardener adjust this garden. And I also do my homework. With nanny, we sometimes walk around the town and its surroundings. Watching people how they are doing. And then I report it to my Dad. He takes me seriously. 

Froggy's lips twitched a bit our of slight envy. He had no nanny or loving parents. He was completely alone, hidden behind his mask of wandering monk which attracted respect and some food for him at least when not love... It is tough to be totally on your own. He thought. Not having anyone to support you. Who would soothe you when you are afraid. He had to make decisions for himself... Sometimes it was better for him to just meditate all the time. At least he did not have to notice that people might actually laugh at him. A weirdo... If only they had known how many times he had already been starving, almost dying. Feeling so cold. Or crying heartbreakingly when he had fallen in an animal trap and injured his knee. It had taken him two weeks to claw his way out. If only you knew what hunger means, you who just feed yourselves with whatever you fancy! His face screwed up in rage. 

In an instant, however, he glanced at Meritaton to check if she had noticed that. Probably yes. She was watching him attentively. She found it unbelievable that she was close to a person so rich in emotions. Even though many of them were dark, she could take her eyes off Lama. Pekshenkare, the gardener and her former friend, was quite plain regarding feelings. And he did not exhibit much from his inner world. Satisfied with little, he knew his goal and stopped at nothing. He kept working, hardly speaking. In a certain way, Meritaton found him boring. 

Her nanny was an angel on Earth, radiating pure love, tenderness and joy. Her dad was fine too. She had made no friends with servants yet... Well, and now she was sitting just a few centimetred from a sort of volcano raging with the widest variety of emotions, from pain, disappointment, grief, determination, over pride, up to single-mindedness... Single-minded? She stopped, puzzled. Where had that come from? Could Froggy be referred to as a single-minded or ambitious person when he was just sitting around, meditating?

© Sona Siepakova


This is a sample from Part 1 of the spiritual, fantasy novel Loved By The Sun, about the daughter of pharaoh Akehaten. The story is going to introduce you, in a cheerful, easy-to-read way, to basic as well as advanced techniques of personal development and spiritual growth. With the main character, Meritaten, you are going to learn how to stay balanced so that love might win over fear and heal your relationships.

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Chapter 3. The School (FANTASY NOVEL)

Justice with Portia

A sample from Chapter 3
Loved By The Sun: The School (Part 2)
A book by Sona Siepakova


Riad was silent as if he knew the word just by hearsay, and did not understand it meaning exactly. In my homeland, in the Near East, we see women as servants. Man rule over them, beating them with a stick when they disobey. A man may hit a woman with his palm or fist, depending on how much she resists doing what he has asked her for.

Yes, Riad. And then?

Then what?

Well, what consequences is it going to have for your soul when you follow the traditions of your region, when you subject women to obedience, translating it even to your relationship to the planet itself?

I could be mighty! Riad laughed. Everybody is going to do follow my commands, I might do what I please.

Now, you are unable to do what you please? That you are longing for that freedom so much?

Riad did not know the answer.

Meritaton blurted out. Everyone desires freedom!

And Portia added. And everyone wishes to have a good life, to rise over poverty and mere survival. People want harmonious, nice relationship, lots of money... But basically, they wish to have the opportunity to express themselves freely and to be lovingly accepted for who they are. Many wish to actively contribute to the formation of their society, taking on leadership roles, or sharing their opinions publicly. Others just watch from a distance, focusing on their family or small crafts instead. Yet, every single persons yearns for being loved and accepted as they are, with all of their dreams and desires...

Well, what is wrong with me that I have received this lecturing?

Portia smiled with understanding, and Freya zealously took the floor. Heated as a northern goddess, she explained that women deserve liberty as well as the planet. Their dreams must be respected too. And the same applies to the right to life and love of anything else that is alive. Neither trees not animals may defend themselves successfully, and many are incapable of protecting themselves when humans harm them. However, even the tiniest bug or little plant are important for us! Unless we have healthy air thanks to plants, we will die! Without animaly, for example without bees, the plant kingdom could not work. And we will die too! When we manipulate the weather regardlessof the plant and animal kingdom, we will damage the whole planet! Your boasting isshort-sighted! Do you fancy dying quickly, Riad? What is good about your fame when many will soon hate you for having caused their death? 

Sit down, dear ones. Everybody to their places. And get your boards ready for notes. Portia commanded. 

None of us is angry at Riad for his concept of justice because he has not learned a different way yet.

© Sona Siepakova


This is a sample from Part 1 of the spiritual, fantasy novel Loved By The Sun, about the daughter of pharaoh Akehaten. The story is going to introduce you, in a cheerful, easy-to-read way, to basic as well as advanced techniques of personal development and spiritual growth. With the main character, Meritaten, you are going to learn how to stay balanced so that love might win over fear and heal your relationships.

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What are the benefits of light therapy? (BLOG)


This therapy may improve your health, relationships, and it may accelerate your personal growth if you so desire. 
I also recommend it to all who learn something new, and need better memory, focus, stamina, intuitive prompts and creative application of knowledge. 


Improved concentration and memory. Inner relaxation will open you to the flow of divine inspiration. :-) 

This can help before exams, job interviews, as well as when you are trying to conceive a child, write an article, set up a project... 


Release of suppressed destructive emotions. In line with emotions, your view of life is going to change as well as reactions in relationships, your ability to achieve your goals, and last but not least your health condition, and self-satisfaction. 


Higher confidence in your own decisions, enhanced ability to hear, understand, plus courage to follow your intuition.


  • When approaching the Palace, I had known in advance that the first step was going to be red, before it was said
  • While entering the Temple of Healing, the Crystal Room, I felt heat all over my body
  • I had imagined the crystal room as a round shaped space, only to learn later that it was really round
  • Now, after about 2 hours, I feel somehow clean (in my body) 


Awakening and development of your creativity in various areas, life will be fun, you will become a conscious creator of your reality. Just look at this website what it has done with me. :-)


Because there will be more space for love, joy and light in you after this therapy, you will become more magnetically attractive to customers, partners, money, help and support, and all good things or experiences you desire.

© Sona Siepakova


Heal Yourself 4. SoulBlend (BLOG)

Light circuit from your heart after blending with your soul BE YOUR OWN MASTER  USE YOUR HIGHER SELF TO THE MAX  Both light schoo...